purple plastic wall hanging by Jose Santiago Perez
(Purple) Bights with Ornamental Edges
Wall Hanging
36" x 20 1/2"

Bights with Ornamental Edges takes the combination of knotting and fringe as a point of departure for thinking about the entanglements and loose ends of attachment.

This series of wall hangings come together as the obsessive repetition of larks head knots, whose primary function in the vast repertoire of knots is attachment. The larks head is the foundational knot for tatting, macrame, and for the making of friendship bracelets. In Bights with Ornamental Edges, the ends of each colorful bight of plastic lacing, whose looping point of contact with black garden netting is the site of the lark head knot, remain long and loose accumulations of fringe. In the history of textiles, fringe is a decorative trim applied to a cloth’s edge, to drapery, flags, banners, as well as military and fashion garments. Fringe marks borders and boundaries. Knots tighten and enclose attachments.

Bights with Ornamental Edges attends to the physical, material, conceptual, emotional, and psychic sites of attachment between one plastic substance and another, between one idea and another, between self and other, and between the domestic interiority of knotted handwork and the domestic exterior of the garden. It revisits the site of attachment and repeats its looping gesture, condensing home and garden ad nauseam. Bights with Ornamental Edges are obsessive objects of insecure (?) attachment.