(text printed on colored paper; single page folded book)

The materiality of millennia.


Slow and fast. Omnipresent. In/visible. Devalued. An exhumation and transformation of the prehistoric. Time before time. The consumer goods of L.A. swap meets. The 1980s. Los ochentas. El swameen. El Piojito. Always manifest. The La Brea Tar Pits. “Living oil”. Always latent. El 99. Cheap color. Sublimated corpses. Xuxa shoes. Living with/in petroleum. The holding of dead seas. Santa Monica. Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz. Santa Ana. Santana. Santa cachuca! Los plasticos.

¡Qué moderno!

Knotting. Wrapping. Coiling.

Haptic choreographies for doingthinking in proximity to other thinkings
and older doings.

A line re/turning….

Knots enacting and containing a relationship. Attachment. Tightening.
Piling loose ends. Fringe. Fringing. Edging limits.

Wrapping departs and returns continuously. Fort. Da. Regresar. Repetir.
The aftertaste of belching. “the little hiccup of substitution”. Departing.
Arriving. The interval between.

Coils contain containing, outside and inside. Baskets hold holding.

Holding holding.
Holding wholes.
Hole holding.

The line.
The grid.
The spiral.

A triad. A triangle. A trinity. Trini. Trinidad. A wedge.

Foundational forms. Always manifest and latent. Omnipresent for thousands and thousands of human years. Fragments for thinking infinitude. Touching infinitude. Forms for enclosing and organizing. Forms for delineating boundaries, interiors, and exteriors. Enclosing space. Bending time. Freud’s 1911 conception of the mind as a grid. Myths. Models. Mnemonics. Foundational fantasies. Repetitive fantasies. …y el espíritu santo…

¿Qué moderno?

The gripping knots of compulsion. The spiraling pleasures of repeating. The pleasure of repeating. Repeating pleasures. Repeated pleasure. Please repeat. Repeat to please.

Process. Possess.
Processing. Possessing.
Processed. Possessed.
Possessing Process.
Processed Possession.
Possessed by Process.

To pulse. To breathe. To blink. To bite. To suck. To suckle. To hyperventilate. To be. Ser. Sa. The repeated patterns of living. The taken for grantedness of the repetitive coming together of the ordinary.

Everyday. Every day. Every. Day.
The patterning of living.
Simple geometries. Absentminded choreographies.

Touch. Tocar. Tocado/a - a touch of madness.
Touch. Tocar. Touche.
To reach for a missed encounter with a lost object.
To run fingers through a lost object.

Repetition wilfully insists on the present absence of significance.

The fantasy of mastering anxiety.
The fantasy of satisfying desire.


To insist on continuing to ongo in a world that does not value or want you.
An object of unvalued unwant.

To insist on continuing to ongo in a world that discards you como un plastico.
An object of discard.

To insist on continuing to ongo in a world that erases and silences you.
An object of erasure.
A silent object.

To insist. To continue. To ongo. To hold insistent ongoingness.

The fantasy of knowing what happens next.
The fantasy of knowing you might happen next.

A controlling fantasy.
A generative fantasy.

A fantasy that keeps one attached;

-Jose Santiago Perez
September 2018

Flirting with Infinitudes (Text)