June 30, 2017 - January 14, 2018

    Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, IL

    MATERIALKINK features works by Michael Blake (Brooklyn), Chloe Cooper (Portland), Luis Mejico (Chicago), James Murray (Chicago), David Nasca (Chicago), Betsy Odom (Chicago), Heather Rachel Phillips (Philadelphia), Tamara Santibañez (Brooklyn), Lauren Steinberg (Chicago), Vincent Tiley (Brooklyn), Katie Vota (Chicago), Jade Williams (Chicago), Derrick Woods-Morrow (Chicago)

    This exhibition aims to expand the boundaries of erotic art through contemporary explorations of the materialities that accompany and structure the lifeworlds of alternative sex.

    Matter, desire, fantasy, and power exchange are simultaneously celebrated and examined through a gathering of artworks spanning painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, video, textiles, and installation. Artists in this exhibition incorporate rope, nylon, wax, rubber, fabric, furniture, and leather in ways that evoke the desiring body and its erotic engagement with the substances of kinky sexualties.

  • Moving_Image 00:03

    Moving_Image 00:03

    Lithium Gallery
    March 23, 2018

    Moving_Image 00:00 Founder & Director: Santina Amato
    Festival Administrator: Sarah Skaggs
    Guest Curator: José Santiago Pérez

    Moving_Image_00:03 Artists:

    ATOM-r and Julia Pello
    Andrew Bearnot
    Chrystal Beiersdorfer
    Jan Brugger
    Considered to Be Allies
    Jeanne Donegan & Eileen Rae Walsh
    Meredith Leich
    Angela Lopez
    Yeng Madayag
    Dana Nechmad
    Erika Råberg
    Sherae Rimpsey
    Gabriela Saucedo
    Corey Smith
    Jacqueline Surdell
    JI Yang

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    Moving_Image 00:03 presents intersecting visual ideas in proximity to analog and digital technologies, choreographies of objects and animate(d) bodies, and historical and personal temporalities.

    Over the course of this collective screening the inside of a toaster becomes a proscenium theatre for dancing molecules, 40,049 queer balloon babies are birthed, female labor catapults across an open field, textual bodies meet at opposite ends of a Lake Michigan sprayed with boiled ink, cinematic jouissance flickers and pants, ice cubes melt, hair is plucked and brushed, a historical reenactment is withheld, a biopolitical industry of the past is doubly foregrounded, a spider leg is caressed, Victorian whales sleep, streaming is animated, contemporary embodiments dance, the evaluatory gaze is reversed, Malcolm X speaks (again), a survival axe announces the beginning of a new political and social reality, and mitochondrial beans pulse and pivot.

    The 16 works in this iteration of Moving_Image range from observational and experimental video, lens-based performance, performative text, and hand-drawn and digital animation, of varying tempos and durations. Bringing together racially diverse fe/male and queer image (re)makers whose practices mine personal and cultural archives, atmospheres, and affects, Moving_Image 00:03 once again celebrates Chicago artists!