Brownworks (2017) attends to the sense of touch.

The haptic scene unfolds in time.
It comes together as an approach, a duration of contact, and a withdrawal. It arrives. It lingers. It departs. It returns.

This scene repeats in infinite variations and under countless conditions over the course of a lifetime.

we touch surfaces. Screens. Materials. Objects. Substances.
Other bodies.
Other Others.

Touch is an ordinary experience.
Sometimes it goes unnoticed.

Touch often involves being touched.
Touch may also include holding and/or being held.

The haptic scene directs or distracts attention.
Sometimes it demands attention.

It’s duration may signal value or significance.

It can also undo these.
It may remake these.

What/who do we like to touch?
Who/what do we need to touch?
What/who do we avoid touching?

How do we touch loss?
How do we hold memory?

How do we touch the familiar?
How do we hold the unfamiliar?

Touch knows.
Touch thinks.
Touch feels.

Touch remembers.
Touch communicates.
Touch transmits.
Touch transforms.

How do we touch with love?
With tenderness?
With care?

Can touch heal?

What remains of touch?